Dr. V. Nikki Jones, LCSW, LMFT, is a therapist in private practice who truly believes in the virtue of social justice in practice and supports self-empowerment. She earned Bachelor and Master degrees from The University of Tennessee before pursuing a Master of Science in Social Work – Couple & Family Therapy at The University of Louisville. She completed a Doctor of Social Work Practice and Leadership at The University of Tennessee with research focused on African American Lesbians and the impact of social stress.

Dr. Jones is active in her local community and has written two novels (i.e., The Space Our Love Demands and Lyric & Blake). Her research and publication interests are applied psychometric theory and scale development in microaggression, sexual intimacy, and diversity planning and training as key determinants of organizational success and sustainability. Dr. Jones’s clinical experiences have included mood disorders, dual diagnosis, anger management, behavioral issues, couple and family conflict, self-care and coping, social (minority) stress, and life coaching.

To maximize the effectiveness of therapy, Dr. Jones utilizes a comprehensive theory of change to assess motivation for treatment, tailors therapeutic intervention to the client’s individual needs, and encourages active involvement from each client. She draws from a variety of evidenced-based therapies and embraces the client as “the expert.” Her role is to support clients in taking care of this moment.

In therapy, there ought to be more questions than answers. Sometimes, therapy is challenging as client and therapist do uncover layers of our relationships and ourselves. Dr. Jones believes good therapy is about talking, doing, and being. As a socially and culturally conscious clinician, Dr. Jones views the client as the expert on his/her/zer/their life and she promotes a spirit of collaboration in session.

Dr. Jones currently resides in Louisville, KY with her wife/partner of fourteen years.